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Ten Common Design Mistakes
Departments do not have a clear identity. This results in the store looking like a "sea of merchandise. There are no interesting visual clues, making it more difficult to draw customers throughout the store.
Incorrect use of color palettes and use of "cool white" flourescent lighting. This deadly combination fails to create a warm, inviting place and distorts the color of merchandise.
Store interiors fail to subtly communicate a residential feel. Today, through research, we know that home improvements and spending more time in the home are important lifestyle trends. By adding certain home-style amenities to your store, customers will shop longer.
Few strategically placed visual merchandising spots. Not only does this blunt sales of key product, but it also diminishes the ability to pull customers throughout the store.
Best selling books and CDs are not displayed in a bold, eye-catching manner. The display must be an over-statement to grab the eyes. Books must be done in hardcover, paper and fiction. CDs must be done in several genres instead of just an overall "Top 20".
Book floor fixtures placed in too random a manner. This confuses customers and hinders being able to quickly find specific categories of books.
Sale posters hanging too low. Randomly placed posters or "collages" on walls. This is 80s & early 90s style retailing. Even the amss merchandisers rarely do this. More importantly, with most ceilings at a 10' level, sight lines are obscured and "visual chatter" abounds. Make proper use of the element of design called "framing".
Minimal signage and uninspiring graphic communications fail to grab attention. If customers can't find it, they won't buy it. If it's uninspiring, they won't see it. Great signage and graphics on three levels of communication will guide customers and stimulate visual interest.
Displaying all merchandise in the same manner. It is crucial to understand how we emotionally interact differently with various categories of merchandise. Failing to apply this means losing sales.
Displaying high quality gifts in a low quality setting. Displaying high quality gifts in a low quality manner greatly diminishes the value in the eyes of a customer. The two aspects must match for a customer to perceive a $300 framed art to be worth $300.