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Ten Common Retailer Mistakes
Size Matters. New stores opening should be at least 3,000 square feet and retailers should seriously consider 5,000 square feet. Less than this will leave you very vunerable to competitors moving into your area, especially chain-owned stores.
No one is invulnerable. Competition is springing up everywhere. You must always be on the offensive to protect your market territory. Location is crucial. However, don't pay so much in rent that you cannot generate a profit.
Inventory management. You must know the 20% of the stock that creates 80% of the sales. You must promote this product and never be out of stock. There are industry tools that help you identify the core backlist. Integra and CBA offer programs to identify the very best of the core titles and music CDs to your customers.
Customer Service is a tired description. Customer Relationship is the right term.
I don't need digital sampling! In the 70s and early 80s retailers were saying "I don't need demos!".
Marketing is more than mailing catalogs a few times a year. Retailing is event-driven. Create many events. Most don't have to be mega-events. The goal is to get people into your store.
Partner with churches. This is where Christians gather several times a month. Consider a small kiosk-type moveable fixture in the church, displaying books the church selects.
I can't afford it! There are too many examples of retailers that said this and are now out of business.
Voice mail systems (or "Hell must be better!") Voice mail can be wonderful. But if you have a long intro message and don't make it VERY easy for callers to get a live person, you are making a huge mistake. See number four above.
Visual merchandising is what keeps the store fresh. Invest in a one-day visit by a retail consultant to review your store's merchandising. You simply cannot view your store through your customer's eyes. A consultant can make countless suggestions, most of which typically do not cost anything to implement.