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Five Merchandising Tips for Gifts
Successfully merchandising gifts is more art than science. The idea is to make the presentation so compelling it draws the customer to view it even when the customer wasn’t necessarily looking for a gift.

Variety: Don’t make all your displays look the same. Use several types of fixtures. Use different types of fabric. Use acrylic easels and risers. Use small lamps. Change your displays once a month.

Props: Props can be very helpful for creating interest, and they don’t have to cost much. You can use just about anything: An old suitcase, a metal pail, a wood crate, a lamp. Don’t shy away from selling your props. The better your display, the more requests you’ll get from customers to purchase your props.
Paths: Arrange fixtures so customers meander between them. At all times keep it interesting and give it a residential feel. You want to draw people to spend time viewing your gifts.
Themes: Themes help to cross-sell products. Create displays for men’s products, gardeners, teachers, etc.. Watch for trends and create themes around them.
Visit: You need ideas to stimulate your creativity! If you live close enough to a Gift Mart, visit it a few times a year.

An excellent reference book is Visual Merchandising No. 3 ISBN 0-94409-443-0 $39.95 and available through Spring Arbor/Ingram.