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Five Merchandising Tips for Your Kids' Department
Broad Appeal: The most successful retailers of kids’ merchandise create a selling environment that has broad appeal. The design has to have universal drawing power to both adults and kids. If only kids like it, adults will be hesitant to venture into the area. If only adults like it, the kids will not be there pointing out merchandise to their parents. The key word is fun.
Color,Shapes and More Color: Kids are attracted to bright bold colors. And if you pay close attention, you’ll see it’s not just primary colors. Secondly, they love irregular shapes. So whether it’s carpeting, graphics or special fixture elements, always inject plenty of these vital ingredients.
Brand Merchandising: All great toy stores merchandise by brands. Display all your merchandise for Veggie Tales in one place. Do the same for Bibleman. Boldly display the brand with graphic signage using the brand’s logo. All books, videos, and recorded music should be age-branded and displayed accordingly. Age-grading is extremely helpful to customers.
Clear Identity: To effectively merchandise kids’ products, your kids’ department must have a clearly defined identity within your store. It must stand out. Consider creating a theme or an icon such as a character. Or create it around a large visual image. The most important mistake you can make is to have your kids’ department look like every other department within your store. Make sure all your signage is bold and clearly seen. You can never overdo signage.
Hands-On Activities & Products: Kids are drawn to action and anything they can play with. Activity play tables or play
panels designed specifically for retail have appeared in recent years. They are great! Use more than one for variety. Play videos of merchandise or use a sampling system such as KidzStation. Don’t be afraid of having more than one TV playing videos. Use two or three spread around your department, each playing something different. Let kids play with samples of toys you sell.