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Five Merchandising Tips for Music

Music is based upon emotion, so it only makes sense that you must capitalize upon this. Every truly successful music department contains energy and makes an emotional connection to the customer. There are many elements that go into this, but they can all be generally grouped into connecting on the sensory levels of sight and sound.

Successful music merchandising is designed to appeal to a core age demographic of 18-34 years. However, keep in mind that if you're like the typical successful Christian retailer, the rest of your store is focused on 25-54 age demographic.


Display Top 10 by styles: The most recent research undeniably points to displaying top sellers by style genre instead of just an overall Top 20. Mainstream music has charts by style genre. It only makes sense that Christian music would do the same. Creating a high impact wall displaying the Top 10 sellers by style genre can instantly increase your sales 2%-3%.

Integra interactive is the exclusive publisher of Top 10 charts based on SoundScan® in seven style genres: Contemporary, Alternative/Rock, Praise & Worship, Gospel, Hip Hop/Rap, Southern Gospel and Instrumental. Posting these charts along with the product zeroes your customer in on the style(s) they like.

Customer Friendly CD Displays: There's a reason why every mainstream chain music store in the U.S. uses "browsers" for CDs: customer ease! It is simply not customer convenient to bend over to look at CDs on lower shelves. If you're still not convinced, ask your customers. They will convince you! Be sure to use Jewel Box divider cards to identify artists, making a divider card for each artist. This makes it easy for customers to browse. Integra Retail Solutions sells Jewel Box dividers and you can purchase a professional labeler made by either Casio or Brother for under $100.

Visual Merchandising Displays: Visual Merchandising falls into two categories: End Caps and Walls, both of which are essential to master. Integra GP Design Group has a How-To brochure available that teaches you the easy-to-learn tips to building great displays.
  • End Caps: Every end cap the customer can view from entering the music department should be merchandised with a single major artist. This creates focused attention. The only exceptionwould be an end cap focused on a theme. Here you can have different artists if the display is supported by good graphics.

  • Walls: Avoid covering every square inch of your walls. This is visual clutter and nothing will stand out. Create displays using flats in a space that is 24"x24" or 36"x36". Separate each display with at least 30"-36". Each display is to be made from the flats for one artist. Create a planning chart. Go through your music company product release booklets and play your schedule in advance. Change your wall displays every month.

Style Categorization: It is better to have fewer categories than to try to micro categorize and confuse the customer. Take a clue from the mainstream: less is better. We suggest Contemporary/Pop, Alternative/Rock, Hip Hop/Rap, Praise & Worship, Modern Worship, Southern Gospel, Gospel/Urban and Instrumental. The broader the categories, the easier it is to find an artist alphabetically.

Interactive Sampling: Without a doubt digitial music sampling systems are the cornerstone of all great music departments. Depending on the system you select and how it is used, this can be the fastest way to boost music sales. AudioSELEC™ and Quest™ are two such systems. Each contains samples of all CDs from the major music distribution companies, along with many independents. This alone eliminates the need for demos and cuts out their associated cost. They also have powerful "lookup" features to make it easy for customers to find songs. Integra offers AudioSELECT™. This system integrates barcode scanning with many screen lookup searching functions. One popular feature is comparisons between secular artists and Christian CDs.