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Great store planning is more than just design. It is knowing how to select the proper mix of merchandise.

Merch it is the only CBA focused store planning firm qualified to offer services to assist you in actually merchandising your opening inventory. We regularly lead workshops at industry shows on visual merchandising techniques.

Using current CBA channel product sales data, we help you know how arge each deparment should be, help you select the best gift product companies, and plan the location of each category of books and the number of shelves required.

Then during the setup process, we are onsite to actually teach you visual merchandising techniques through a "hands-on" approach as we show you how to setup the focal areas of your store.

New retailers love this service! It cuts countless hours out of the setup time which means you open sooner.

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We work hand-in-hand with their new accounts manager Karen Bilbrey to help remove some of the wrinkles that always appear when opening a new store.

New retailers love this service! It cuts countless hours out of the setup time which means you open sooner.

Karen Bilbrey

Karen Bilbrey (

What Clients Say...
"It was such a delight that God provided Michelle at the right time to start this store. Without her help we probably would not have gotten it started. The Lord really used her expertise to help us minister to people in this community."
Don Lagergen, The Lighthouse, CO

"Integra provided an innovative and entertaining design that fit my budget and I am pleased with the result."
Winston Maddox, Gospel Supplies, AZ

"I was very pleased with the expertise David Amster brought to the table. David listened to our desires and needs, then made them come alive. It was exciting to watch our thoughts being created into one of North Carolina's finest shopping experiences and to see our sales double."
William R. Painter, The Christian Soldier, NC

“Michelle has a special understanding of the needs of the church bookstore.  She can work with the limited size, budget and other constraints we might have.  Her generosity of spirit and her talent are great combination to work with.”
Geni Hulsey, Manager, The Garden Bookstore
Houston's First Baptist Church