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Merch•it extensively invests in market research so that the concepts we present to you are solidly grounded in understanding current consumer trends and shoppers' desires for a fulfilling shopping experience.
We Understand Female Shoppers

Merch•it adamantly believes that the shopper is not king. The shopper is queen! And it is imperatvie that you understand the five types of women shoppers. No retailer can appeal to all five. To be successful, you can only focus on three.

Within the CBA market, Merch•it is the only design firm with female leadership. With over 70% of your shoppers female, this is strategically important. Some male designers tend to misunderstand the fine nuances of what truly appeals to women. Merch•it has the resources and design experience to be able to focus on design elements that appeal to female and male shoppers.

With Merch•it as your partner, you can rest assured that your store will be planned to achieve The ConneXion Point™.
What Current Trends Mean for Retail
Understanding the trends of community and authenticity are crucial for thriving in the coming decade. How these affect the way you interact with shoppers has everything to do with creating The ConneXion Point™.

The MUSIC TOP 10 merchandising system makes it easy to spot the Top 10 tlties in Contemporary, Praise & Worship, Rock/Alternative, Gospel/Urban, Hip Hop/Rap, Southern Gospel and Instrumental genres. Find out more HERE.

MORE is our proprietary analysis method to help you achieve your greatest potential for success. It covers:
  • Merchandise Mix
  • Optimized Space Allocation
  • Realistic Budgeting
  • Exceptional Presentation
A solid foundation of good design supports everything you do. However, creating The ConneXion Point is far less about cool design features and more aobut other factors. These are the factors that will ultimately determine your success or failure.

Merh•it strongly believes that every dollar spent on design must directly contribute to increasing sales. Money spent on design elements that are just "cool" usually are not justified in today's retail model. We know how to maximize a budget and accomplish things creatively.